Linux 4.13 gets second release candidate



A week after bringing its very first release candidate, Linus Torvalds has now launched the second release candidate (RC2) of Linux 4.13. The new release is touted to be a “bigger than average” version of the upcoming kernel.

“Normally RC2 is really small because people are taking a breather and haven’t started finding bugs yet, but this time around we have a bigger-than-average RC2,” writes Torvalds in the mailing list announcement.

What’s new

The newly released Linux 4.13 RC2 includes some minor changes over the previous development. However, the list of new additions is mainly dominated by the new vboxvideo staging driver.

Torvalds’ team of developers has filled about half of the update with driver patches that are linked with networking, RDMA, SCSI and USB. Rest, the kernel release has architecture updates for systems with x86, Sparc and PowerPC and filesystems such as nfs, overlayfs and misc. The update also brings changes to the networking front and core kernel code as well as packs some new bpf testcode.

The Linux kernel 4.13 RC2 source tarball is available for download from the website. It would be a part of the next final kernel version that is expected to be out sometime in September.


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