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Rockstor Linux now comes with a feature to fully encrypt your disk

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Rockstor, the open source Linux and Btrfs-based open source storage operating system, has received an update to version 3.9.1. The latest version includes LUKS to offer full disk encryption.

Rockstor Linux 3.9.1 is the most advanced version that brings a plenty of new capabilities to its users. Among all the new features, the major highlight of the update is full disk encryption using LUKS. The user community has been demanding disk encryption feature for a long time. Therefore, Rockstor developers have brought LUKS as a solution.

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The development team has also added the support for scheduling power management and jumbo frames. There is a 4.10 kernel from ELRepo and a btrfs-progs update.

Notably, the dated Linux kernel branch reached the end of life in May 2017. Users will, thus, no longer receive the security patches for the kernel.

Fix for systemd issue

A known systemd issue has been fixed in the Rockstor 3.9.1 release. Also, the platform now shuts down cron job and imports an unlabeled Brtfs RAID5 pool.

You can download the Rockstor Linux 3.9.1 release from its official website. The update is a joint effort of six contributors who addressed more than 30 issues from the previous Rockstor Linux.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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