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In this rapidly paced 21st century, digital transformation is the key catalyst to any business. No wonder, almost every company is striving to digitally optimise their business operations and infrastructure in order to lubricate the business process. It has become a critical priority over everything. Well, digital transformation, in brief, is mostly about enhancing customer experience and satisfaction through the channels of advancing the processes and tools deployed for your business. Among all, one most significant aspect of digitalisation is the transfer the entire infrastructure of identity management to the cloud.

Benefits of open source cloud solutions

This specific digital transformation has conferred a lot many benefits including lower cost of ownership, elastic scalability, and coexistence of applications supported by the cloud. In fact, a large number of enterprises are sticking to this idea of migrating infrastructure to cloud. Every business in today’s age confronts a higher number of challenges and complexities, and cloud-based infrastructure management will aid the development teams of your company to address complexities.

Open source cloud software solutions are really secure and reliable in this regard as opposed to what most of you might think. As with any open source solution, there are a bunch of additional benefits as well. Not only does it allow for a larger community being responsible to make the tools perfect by fixing bugs but also reinforces greater security and reusability thereby minimising vulnerabilities and striving towards a better outcome. However, there is one hitch right here which, if you address, can take your business to greater heights and give you the ultimate fruits of cloud management.

Protection needed

Opting a cloud solution is the first step, but you also need to make sure that the cloud to which you are migrating is secure. If not, your entire business is vulnerable to risks, hacks and attacks. The procedure of securing cloud is not complex at all. It includes strategies like data encryption, enabling secure code and placing firewalls. However, besides all, there are a few key steps which would ensure a robust protection. Let’s have a quick look.

Steps to enhance cloud security

cloud security steps
Ensuring cloud security is vital before beginning with digital transformation

Access control layer

Access control layer is quite similar to the self-provision facility that is a certain benefit of cloud services. It is facilitated using single click experience especially for the images on AWS platform. This helps you kick off dynamic management of policy. Instead of the conventional software installation on-premise, this one enables an expense model meant for budgeting. The advanced way also reduces the risk where an organisation models your integrations and policies right at the cloud instead of placing all of your investment up front.

Access control that is attribute-based

ABAC or “attribute based access control” is another key aspect of securing cloud services. It lets you freely deliver trusted and confidential mobile experiences to your clients, partners, employees and customers alongside triggering secured access to data and apps placed in the cloud.

Shielding cloud services

To intensify the trust between different cloud prodders, standards play a major role. In order to lay the trust on these services for the smooth and secure operation of your business, you must maintain the contract with the customers. XACML, SCIM and OpenID Connect are some of such that cloud providers are trusting to secure cloud services.

By now, you must be wondering as to where and when exactly you need to protect the cloud. It is when you go for migrating to digitalisation, moving to personalisation and tiered subscription, sharing data beyond the boundaries of your organisation and finally when you need protection and privacy of confidential data.


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