Angular 5 is out with a focus primarily on progressive web apps


Angular 5

Google has released the next major version of its JavaScript framework AngularJS. Emerged as Angular 5, the latest version is the second major update in 2017.

While the initial release is a beta build of Angular 5, the Google is clearly aiming to introduce major support for Google-driven progressive web apps with the latest development. The new version includes a build optimiser that helps to reduce the code of progressive apps designed through the framework.

Google is working hard towards simplifying the efforts of progressive web apps. The prime concept of this new innovation is to ease the experience for users accessing services through their mobile devices.

Material Design integration

In addition to its progressive web app focus, Google is integrating Material Design components into Angular 5. The design components in Angular 5 are now compatible with server-side rendering.

Google is not the sole enabler to enhance browser-based apps. Mozilla is also set to offer a native-like experience on its Firefox browser by bringing progressive web apps to the front. The team behind PWAs (progressive web apps) is working towards building PWAs as the technology that everyone would try to use.

The release cycle of Angular has been quite aggressive. Google plans to release the next major version, slated as Angular 6 sometime in March or April next year. Meanwhile, the theme for Angular 5 is “easier, smaller, faster”.


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