Google starts discriminating against poor quality Android apps

Google OS


In an ongoing development, Google is all set to uplift user experience on Android by enhancing its search and discovery algorithms on Play store. This new change will have a direct impact on apps that have quality issues.

A new Android vitals dashboard in the Google Play Console had emerged at I/O 2017 earlier this year. The technology is designed to understand and analyse inferior app behaviours such as excessive battery consumption, slow render times and crashes. These behaviours will now be considered as the benchmarks to judge whether your app is a quality one.

“Developers focusing on performance can use the Play Console to help find and fix a number of quality issues,” writes Andrew Ahn, product manager of Google Play, in a blog post.

Google highlights that the change in its algorithms has shown an incline in users towards higher quality apps. The Android maker also recommends developers to examine ratings and reviews that they received on their apps to understand additional insights about the quality.

Recommendations to fix up issues

If you are about to launch a public release of your app and testing its functionality in alpha or beta stage, you can use the pre-launch report to fix issues ahead of mass downloads. Likewise, Android vitals can be applied to identify performance issues reported by opt-in devices.

“By focusing on the quality and performance of your app, you will find more success on Google Play,” Ahn concludes.

You must need to fix major issues in your Android apps to receive continuous focus through Google Play store. In all other cases, the online marketplace will decline the search position of your app.


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