Liferay launches a community website to enhance developer engagements

community engagements around Liferay


Liferay, the company that maintains an enterprise web platform for building business solutions, has announced the launch of a new community website. Called the Liferay Community website, the latest development is designed to make it easier for open source enthusiasts to collaborate and build new experiences.

“The Liferay Community belongs to its members and will always be exactly as healthy and vibrant as its members make it — that’s who it exists for,” said Bryan Cheung, CEO, Liferay.

The website helps developers communicate with each other and collaborate on open source projects. At present, there are more than ten projects in the portfolio that would be expanded over time.

In addition to projects, the Liferay Community site lists events that users can attend locally. The online presence also has a Slack-powered chat functionality and forums where developers can clear their doubts and discuss the deployments.

A dedicated Developer Relations team in place

Apart from the website, Liferay has developed a dedicated Developer Relations team that “inspires, educates, assists and encourages” developers to build new apps using the company’s open source technology. The multi-national team includes individuals who are renowned within the Liferay community.

“We needed people who were technical and could empathise with developers’ pain points, so they could listen and — most importantly — take action. We are confident we have found individuals who can relate to these problems and also tell the story behind the tech to inspire others, and now they are working hard to help the community succeed in their projects,” said Zeno Rocha, principal developer relations advocate, Liferay.

In less than a month, 296 people have added the chat functionality to their working environment and a total of 6,494 messages have been sent. The growth of the Liferay Community site and the Developer Relations team is, however, yet to be noted.


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