Canonical attempts to bring Ubuntu’s Snap to Android

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

Ubuntu's Snap on Android

Canonical has released Snapd 2.27 for Ubuntu systems with snapd boot sequence to handle Android-style boot management. The latest development is the first step by the company to bring its Snap technology to Android.

With the snapd boot sequence to handle Android-style boot management, Canonical’s Snapd will cater to a new range of devices that is solely based on Google’s Android. The new version will also support transactional updates of the OS and kernel.

An interesting addition to the latest version is also the snap-update-ns tool. The tool will let users make changes that are to be performed dynamically in the file system in a Snap mount namespace. Similarly, the latest version comes with new ‘install’ and ‘remove’ hooks. You can use these hooks to let Snap implement and enable a logic when it is removed from the system or installed for the first time.

The best thing about ‘install’ and ‘remove’ hooks is that they support the snapctl tool, which is used to open communication line between Snap and the Snapd daemon.

Besides, there are various other improvements in Snapd 2.27. The new “title” field designed to hold a high-level name for Snap app now uppercases the name for Snap app. “—unaliased” parameter is added to the “snap install” command. Snapd 2.27 also adds support for display snap types under Notes column and support for “snap info” command to display more information.


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