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Ubuntu containers can now run on Windows

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

Ubuntu containers on Windows 10 and Windows Server

Canonical and Microsoft have partnered to bring support for Ubuntu containers with Hyper-V Isolation to Windows 10 and Windows Servers. The new development uses Ubuntu as a hosting base along with Docker container engine and Hyper-V virtualisation.

Users need a 64-bit x86 PC with 8GB RAM to run Ubuntu containers on Windows machines. It is also worth noting here that the systems need to run on Windows Insider Program to successfully enable the new experience.

Setup takes minutes

Dustin Kirkland, the VP of Ubuntu Product and Strategy at Canonical, assures that the system will be up and running in minutes after installing the container with Hyper-V isolation on Windows 10.

To begin with Ubuntu containers, you need to write docker run -it ubuntu bash command in a Windows Powershell. You can join the official Ubuntu Forums or reach Ask Ubuntu community in case of facing any issues.



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