OpenStack Pike release redefines the open source cloud platform



The OpenStack Foundation has launched OpenStack Pike cloud infrastructure platform. This is the 16th release followed by Ocata release which was pushed in February this year.

Pike cloud infrastructure platform is an entirely different build compared with previous OpenStack releases. The new version focuses on enabling standalone OpenStack services without any dependencies on the entire set of its projects. This approach leads to interoperability and enables independent cloud services with unique identities. Further, the latest OpenStack platform enables projects like Ironic bare-metal and ProjectS for Cinder block storage.

Ironic is also well-integrated with Neutron (SDN project) to help users run bare metal on fully segmented networks. The new version also brings several improvements for Nova users. Similarly, users no longer need Nova (core compute project) to use Cinder.

Pike release additionally enhances Nova to support Cells, the robust scale-out technology. Multiple Nova compute nodes are aggregated and managed using a single Nova API with Cells. The version 2 of Cells is considered as the fundamental part of Nova architecture. Another noteworthy change of Pike release is the codebase. Moreover, the platform is re-based to support the much newer Python 3.5 release.


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