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Parrot Security OS 3.8 debuted with Debian 10 integration

Parrot OS Debian to Devuan

Parrot Security OS 3.8

Security-oriented Linux distribution Parrot Security OS has received an update to version 3.8 along with Debian 10 “Buster” operating system. The latest version of Parrot OS comes preloaded with ZFS support.

Parrot Security OS 3.8 brings updated components and new features. The major highlight in the series of updated components is Linux 4.12 kernel base. The latest version also has better support for wireless cards, latest GNU Compiler Collection 7.2 along with GCC 6.4 and OpenJDK 9 as default Java implantation. Notably, the Parrot team has added MATE 1.18 as the default desktop environment in the new version.

Considering the user demands, Parrot Security OS 3.8 brings a lightweight Bitcoin client. Its developer team has also fixed the previous DNS resolution issue in this version. There is a new round-robin model between default DNS servers to prevent DNS censorship. The company’s OpenNIC nodes are not yet added to the server list, but the Parrot team assures that they will soon be added as well.

Among the other noteworthy changes, Parrot Security OS 3.8 enables Ubuntu’s AppArmor Linux kernel security module by default. The new distro might also get the support for the popular Red Hat Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) module.

There are a bunch of minor improvements to the Lite edition of Parrot Security OS, including better performance on single-board computers. The v3.8 additionally brings the latest LibreOffice suite package.

You can download the live and installation images of the latest Parrot Security OS from its official website. This release is available in multiple editions including 64-bit PC, ARM images for SoC boards, Orange Pi and Pine64.

The team behind Parrot Security OS is joining Open Source India 2017, which is taking place in Bengaluru on 13-14 October. You can register your presence by filling in your details here.



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