Debian 9.2 ‘Stretch’ brings 66 security fixes

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Debian 9.2

The Debian Project has announced the second maintenance update to Debian 9 “Stretch” operating system. Debuted as the version 9.2, the new platform includes a number of new features and security patches.

The official announcement confirms that the new point release is not a new version of Debian 9, and instead it merely improves the included packages. Therefore, instead of performing a clean install of Debian 9.2, you can opt for Debian’s up-to-date mirror.

“The Debian project is pleased to announce the second update of its stable distribution Debian 9 (codename “stretch”). This point release mainly adds corrections for security issues, along with a few adjustments for serious problems,” reads the official announcement.

Debian GNU/Linux 9.2 includes a total of 87 bug fixes and 66 new security improvements. Various apps and core components have also been improved in this point release. However, the only notable change in this maintenance release is the inclusion of Linux kernel 4.9.51 LTS.

If you keep your Debian Stretch Installation updated, you need not update these packages using the point release. The detailed changelog is published on the official webpage.


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