Intel releases Clear Containers 3.0 with Go language construction


Intel Clear Containers 3.0

Intel’s Clear Linux has launched a new generation of its containers project Clear Containers. Debuted as the Clear Containers 3.0, the new version brings support for leveraging code used for namespace-based containers and improves integration in the container ecosystem.

The most significant change in Clear Containers 3.0 over its previous versions is its Go language build. Intel’s Clear Linux team has finally designed to leave C language and switched the entire stack to Go. The new Clear Containers version also comes with a new agent based on the libcontainer library that is designed from the offset. Users can use the library to apply policies and filters such as SELinux and Seccomp within the Clear Container guest mode.

The updated Clear Containers brings support for virtio-blk storage backend. The new version also includes support for Kernel SamePage Merging (KSM) throttling to improve container’s scaling and density. Likewise, you can easily run Clear Containers on VMware virtual machines and Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor.

In addition to the major improvements to Clear Containers, Intel has upgraded CC-runtime that now includes compatibility with the OCI runtime specification and Docker engine. You can also run the platform using Kubernetes through CRI-O. This new development enables you to run both trusted and untrusted workloads in a Kubernetes cluster on bare metal.

The new version of the Clear Containers can be downloaded from its GitHub repository.


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