CableLabs facilitating the adoption of SDN


In October CableLabs hinted that it is planning to launch an open source group. This week CableLabs announced two new open source projects: SNAPS-Boot and SNAPS-OpenStack installer. The software is a joint initiative of CableLabs and the consulting firm Aricent.

SNAPS is an abbreviated form of ‘SDN/NFV Application Development Platform and Stack.’ It is an overarching program to facilitate the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and NFV within the CableLabs’ community. The organization says it spearheaded SNAPS to fill in gaps within open source to ease the adoption of SDN and NFV for its cable members.

Aricent’s key role is to generate the source code. SNAPS-Boot is designed to prepare a network operator’s servers for OpenStack. The SNAPS-OpenStack installer will bring up OpenStack on running servers. It’s based on the OpenStack Pike release. SNAPS uses a containerized version of OpenStack, built and tested by the OpenStack Kolla project.

“With a single command, you can install Linux on your servers and prepare them for your OpenStack installation using IPMI, PXE and other standard technologies to automate the installation,” writes Levensalor in a blog posting.

Although CableLabs focuses much of its work on things that benefit its cable members, Levensalor said, “Cable companies are our primary audience, but it could be used by a telco or anyone interested in NFV, including vendors.    Read more…



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