GreenKey will Open Source Voice Software


Going aggressive with the open source software (OSS), GreenKey has announced partnership with Symphony Software Foundation. As a result, GreenKey will release a Community Edition of its voice software development kit (SDK). This open source voice software targets banks and other financial market firms that will allow them to “voice enable” any web application. 


The project will be called GreenKey and released into the Symphony Software Foundation under the Apache 2.0 license. This GreenKey Community Edition will provide a free commercial license to access desktop “voice widgets” written for popular browser frameworks. To enable secure, complex calling capabilities, open source voice software can be embedded into Wall Street firms’ existing web applications. 


GreenKey appreciates the leadership of Symphony Software Foundation and is proud to offer their contribution. Powered by the GreenKey Voice platform- SDK will allow the next generation of financial apps to unlock the value latent in real-time voice streams.


The association will not only broaden the spectrum of open source commodities, community can provide for the industry, but it demonstrates once more how open collaboration is a great strategy to deliver innovative and successful fintech platforms.   Read more…



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