Heptio and Microsoft join efforts to strengthen ARK Project


The new collaboration between Heptio and Microsoft aims to ensure Heptio Ark delivers a strong Kubernetes disaster recovery solution for customers who want to use it on Azure. The companies will also work together to make the Ark project an efficient solution to move Kubernetes applications across on-premise computing environments and Azure, and to ensure that Azure-hosted backups are secure.

The Ark project provides a simple, configurable and operationally robust way to backup and restore applications and persistent volumes from a series of checkpoints. With the Heptio-Microsoft collaboration, the two will ensure that organizations can not only backup and restore content into Azure Container Service (AKS), but that snapshots created using Ark are persisted in Azure and are encrypted at rest.

I’m excited to see Heptio and Microsoft deliver a compelling solution that satisfies an important and unmet need in the Kubernetes ecosystem,” said Brendan Burns, distinguished engineer at Microsoft and co-creator of Kubernetes.

It will also help manage disaster recovery for Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. Microsoft’s commitment to working with the open source community will not only benefit Azure customers, but strengthens the Kubernetes community.  Read more..


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