Windows get Kubernetes 1.9 beta support


Coming of Kubernetes 1.9 is nicely timed as early this year it became part of the cloud container orchestration program. The container management program is available on all serious cloud platforms since Amazon Web Services (AWS) adopted Kubernetes.

Kubernetes was originally developed for Linux systems, but there’s been a demand for Kubernetes to run Windows workloads as well. This is in addition to making Kubernetes available for Linux on Azure.

Recently, in October Microsoft showed its commitment and announced a dedicated Azure Container Service for Kubernetes. Running Windows apps on Docker on Windows Server, while managing them with Kubernetes, is now in beta. Apps Workloads application programming interface (API) is now stable and available for general use.

The two most commonly used Deployment and ReplicaSet form the foundation for long-running Kubernetes stateless workloads, are also stable now.

From its start, Kubernetes has supported multiple options for persistent data storage, including commonly used NFS or iSCSI. Kubernetes developers are addressing this by adopting Container Storage Interface (CSI). Kubernetes 1.9 is available for download on GitHub.      Read more…


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