India participating in the global Open Source Ecosystem


Today marks a day in the history of India as the country hosts the Open Source Networking (OSN) Day for the first time. Reliance Jio hosts the first India Digital Open Summit 2018 in partnership with the Linux Foundation and supported by Cisco Systems. The one-day event is unveiled at the Reliance Corporate Park campus in Navi Mumbai.

Open source is popular, not because of its cost advantage, but organisations adopt it to leverage the development advantages open source communities offer. To tap the same potential, the event ‘India Digital Open Summit’, will act as a meeting point for the top technologists, academia, startups. The event is expecting presence of industry leaders focused on how open source networking systems and platforms would transform and foster innovation and leadership across the entire digital ecosystem.

By its very essence, open source fuels enterprising organizations, because unlike proprietary systems, it enables greater innovation and differentiation. Open source helps companies customize and manage platforms with more flexibility with the ability to rapidly develop and bring new services to the market with scalability and security.

The summit will feature discussions on various elements of the Open Source framework for policy, technology and security that accelerate the expansion of the Digital India initiative across domains.

Over 400 attendees are expected at the India Digital Open Summit 2018. More than a dozen global C-Level Executives will discuss a range of topics, including application to blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud-scale networking, open compute, AR/VR, real-time analytics and other topics on the open source-spurred digital transformation.

Recently, Reliance Jio has joined Linux Foundation’s Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) as a Platinum member. Jio’s Platinum membership in ONAP provides a platform for accelerating its efforts to further its work in open source to support The Linux Foundation.


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