Ford connecting Cities with Cars


Ford is treading on the path of developing a platform for connected cars that everyone can, and should, play along with. The first step along that path is to establish a platform that enables the desired communication. That’s why Ford is working with Autonomic, to build an open cloud-based platform — the Transportation Mobility Cloud.

Ford also, announced an extensive set of initiatives to enhance the development of connected cars. Among its multi-pronged approach are the ongoing plans to work with Qualcomm on V2X communications for cities, cyclists, and cars. It also highlighted a partnership with Postmates. The success of Ford Transportation Mobility Cloud will connect cities and cars together.

The ecosystem requires large-scale connection of bits of distinct data that flow from a variety of sources. And those sources – public transportation services, self-driving cars, cyclists and even infrastructure – will need to speak the same language and communicate with each other if we’re to realize the true potential of this type of ecosystem.

In addition to connecting cars and drivers to services, Ford wants to connect cities to the cars. Fleet and commercial operators could be most impacted by this vision. The big takeaway here is that this is for the benefit of the entire industry. Ford pledges that it will have the largest connected car fleet in the coming years. It already operates its Chariot ride-share vans in a handful of cities using its large Transit vans.   Read more…


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