Moxa Smart City 3-in-1 solutions promise security, reliability and sustainability


Moxa will now bring Smart City solutions which will be interoperable open source platform based. For the same, Moxa has joined as a Silver Member, the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project.

The move will help Moxa, that offers a wide range of industrial networking, monitoring and computing products, strengthen its commitment to build smarter factories and cities on an interoperable open source platform that is secure, reliable and sustainable. Hosted by The Linux Foundation, CIP aims to speed implementation of Linux-based civil infrastructure systems, build upon existing open source foundations and expertise, and contribute to and influence upstream projects regarding industrial needs.

“Every smart city solution Moxa creates offers reliability, safety and is easy to integrate,” said SZ Lin, Software Supervisor at Moxa. “We are excited to join the CIP project and believe it will help us ensure high-quality software components that will address the long-term needs of smart cities and the future of manufacturing.”

CIP addresses the needs of long-term software for the power generation and distribution, water, oil and gas, transportation and building automation industries. Moxa brings extensive experience in industrial innovation that will be a welcome addition to the CIP members as we work together to create a better future of our communities.

Joining other industry leaders, such as Codethink, Hitachi, Plat’Home, Renesas, Siemens and Toshiba, Moxa is excited to be a part of reliable and secure Linux-based embedded software platform that can be sustained for more than 10 years.   Read more…


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