Public release of KHS under Open Source license


Keyhole Software has announced the public release of the KHS (Convo) application platform under an Apache 2.0 open source license. It is a software framework for the development of automated conversational experiences.

With this public release under Apache 2.0 open source license both companies and developers can benefit. They can use, modify, and distribute KHS (Convo) for their own uses or commercially or privately, and free of charge.

The software provides a messaging interface for a personalized conversation between the application and a user via the web or SMS text messaging. The ad hoc interaction is designed to provide hyper-relevant & personalized content that doesn’t feel automated.

Publicly-available examples of various uses of the KHS framework include real-time data retrieval of movie times, marketing quizzes, information retrieval with authentication, appointment scheduling, advanced calculations and conversions, and others. See the product demo in action for more examples.

“Almost everyone knows how to interact using text messaging, so we created this open source platform to allow developers to create, manage, and integrate conversational-based applications and features,” said David Pitt, Keyhole Managing Partner & Principal Consultant.

Conversation Programming API & Finite State Machine Algorithm make it easy to program ​for ​highly customized ​mobile, SMS-based engagement with dynamic content​. KHS (Convo) is a Node-based platform. To customize it, you will need an understanding of JavaScript.   Read more…


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