Smart approach to stay ahead of OSS vulnerabilities, courtesy Flexera


The latest from Flexera, FlexNet Code Insight enables companies to take a smart approach to stay ahead of Open Source Software (OSS) vulnerabilities. It also promise license compliance through fast, automated scans and continuous monitoring of open source software for any new issues.

FlexNet Code Insight covers the full breadth of Software Composition Analysis – from fast, high-level scans to full, detailed analyses. Software suppliers and buyers can identify high-risk code, prioritize accordingly and channel effort to projects where deeper scans are needed to be secure and compliant.

Software and Internet of Things (IoT) suppliers are under immense pressure to track, manage and mitigate vulnerabilities. FlexNet Code Insight emphasizes a simple and practical approach to help companies stay clean and safe. Vulnerabilities can be uncovered and remediated early in the process, which reduces risk and saves cost and effort.

FlexNet Code Insight release also supports open source discovery to eliminate security and compliance risk in Docker containers, build dependencies, sub components, source code, modified source code and binaries. It also enables customers to discover commercial third-party code in their applications using various detection methods, allowing greater insight into the software supply chain.

FlexNet Code Insight now integrates with common build tools and continuous integration servers to automate scans in the software development process. The release ships with commonly used plugins, and allows customers to easily create their own custom integrations, as needed.

The release comes with extensive data for 13 million open source components, support for 25 languages and 70+ extensions, and an extensive detection framework to track and monitor open source and third-party code.


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