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Toyota and Amazon eyes autonomous driving


With time, Open-source software has made inroads into virtually every enterprise company. With Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), the Linux Foundation hosts a project that aims to bring open source to the car industry. Toyota is now using AGL in production and Amazon has signed up to support the project.

Toyota is using it in its latest 2018 model of Camry unveiled in the U.S market. Amazon has opted to support the project at the silver level. The Amazon Alexa team plans to actively contribute to and support voice recognition. With this, Toyota joins other car manufacturers like Ford, Mazda, Honda, Subaru and Suzuki, as well as suppliers like Denso, Panasonic, LG and chip industry giants like Nvidia, Intel and ARM. Overall, the Linux foundation now has 110 companies on board as members.

Till date, the AGL mostly focused on the infotainment stack in the car. There, it has made large strides over the last year or so and recently launched its version 5.0. It is now looking to expand its horizon beyond infotainment and Toyota brings with it another degree of validation.

With the AGL Unified Code Base, OEMs and suppliers use the same software base as a starting point for production programs, which reduces fragmentation.   Read more…




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