The improvised Moodle 3.5 to hit in May 2018!


As per the recent update from Open Source Development Coordinator, Sander Bangma, she posted an update on Moodle 3.5 roadmap activities. In their developer community forum she summarised all the exciting work that happened behind the scenes with Moodle 3.5.

Moodle has worked with its community to implement other improvements and fix bugs for Moodle 3.5. It is scheduled to go out on the second Monday of May this year.

The changes or improvements focus on functionalities such as, Moodle 3.5 provides additional privacy information during user sign up, as well as more extensive recording and logging of user consents. Tracker information on these changes can be found here. Provide additional means for users to obtain a copy or their data, invoke their right to data erasure and keeping track of all types of data within Moodle in a data registry.

Moodle 3.5 expands the functionality for tagging questions in the question bank based on the latest project submitted by their Moodle Users Association.

This project is about adding a more flexible layer for question management in the  question bank by creating a metadata layer (labels) for questions which is manageable by instructors at the course level.

The company has also worked on improving the Moodler user experience based on the in-depth background research, stakeholder analysis and design work conducted by our UX ream. The focus is on introducing Bootstrap v4 stable in Moodle 3.5 to lay the groundwork for exciting improvements going forward. Some of the initial UX improvements will likely focus on the dashboard.

Good news for Moodlers is that Moodle 3.5 will possess an improved messaging functionality to allow future expansion. They also announced that Moodle Mobile 3.5 will come with a new look and feel!   Read more…


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