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Microsoft extends right to ‘cure’ open-source licensing


Joining Red Hat, Facebook, Google and IBM, Microsoft has recently reiterated its commitment towards open source. It has extended support to work for the ‘Common Cure Rights Commitment’ to cure open source licensing non-compliance before taking legal measures.

The partner companies which have agreed to adopt the ‘Common Cure Rights Commitment’ said before they file or continue to prosecute those accused of violating covered licenses, they will allow for users to cure and reinstate their licenses.

Microsoft in a blog post talked about its first patch. It said that,  it’s been 10 years since Microsoft submitted its first patch to a GPLv2 project (ADOdb, a database abstraction layer for PHP). The blog further shared Microsoft’s decision to band together with these vendors around open source licensing notes that licensees of GPLv2 code will get “a reasonable period of time to correct license compliance issues.”

Also recently, Microsoft along with CA Technologies, Cisco, HPE, SAP and SUSE has joined efforts to work together. They will to provide more “predictability” for users of open source software. The move is the latest from Microsoft in its campaign to become a leading open-source ecosystem member.
Announcing the new license-compliance partners, Red Hat informed, “The large ecosystems of projects using the GPLv2 and LGPLv2.x licenses will benefit from adoption of this more balanced approach to termination derived from GPLv3.”


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