The Mozilla Foundation announces Firefox Reality


To tackle the new opportunities and challenges of browsing, the Mozilla Foundation has released a new version of Firefox specifically for mixed reality (MR). Mozilla is claiming a number of firsts with this device. Besides being the only open source, Firefox Reality is the first cross-platform MR browser.

Firefox Reality is a “built from the ground up” version of Firefox Quantum. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of those wanting to interact with the web.
It is the mission of Mozilla to ensure that the Internet is an open and accessible resource that puts people first. Also with this new release, the company wants to offer a secure browser, whilst remaining realistic.
According to Sean White, Chief R&D Officer at Mozilla, “Currently, the world can browse the open web using our fast and privacy-focused Firefox browser, but continuing that mission in a rapidly changing world means constantly investing our time and resources into new and emerging technologies – and realities.”
“Mozilla has always been on the frontlines of virtual and augmented reality (see our work with WebVR, WebAR and A-Frame), and this is a mixed reality browser that is specifically built to tackle the new opportunities and challenges of browsing the immersive web,” he further added.
Mixed reality is still new. “We don’t yet have all the answers for what privacy looks like in this new medium, but we are committed to finding the solution. We will continue to build on the proven permissions model of the web platform, which provides even more protection than native apps provide. The Mozilla values will guide us as we create Firefox Reality, just as they do with every product we create,” he shared.
Firefox is currently up and running on the HTC Vive with the demo also available.



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