Multi-Cloud SaaS to Help Users Manage Cloud Platforms Better


Multi-cloud architecture has become the need of the hour for a majority of enterprises using cloud computing these days. To meet its increasing demand, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) – Beam, offering multi-cloud governance, has been launched, thanks to Nutanix. This multi-cloud service will enable organisations manage their spending, security and regulatory compliance across nearly any cloud platform.

Beam – how does it work and help?

Working on Minjar Botmetric service – a public cloud management solution, Beam helps in lessening complexity of multi-cloud architectures by enabling customers have deeper visibility and analytics detailing of their public cloud usage. It helps IT teams optimise their cloud spend and strengthen their security posture for better compliance across clouds through its one-click recommendations based on machine intelligence.

Conveniently, Beam allows organisations get clarity into the entirety of their public cloud deployments, thereby  addressing of several business challenges like unexpected costs and potential security gaps.

Binny Gill, chief technology officer at Nutanix said: “Cost optimisation and cloud visibility, centralised financial governance and continuous cloud security and regulatory compliance are the three major benefits that organisations can enjoy from Beam.”

The present cloud computing eco-structure is considered to be the multi-cloud era by experts and all organisations need a unified, real-time view of all of their private, public and distributed clouds which Beam can provide, making work easier for these organisations.


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