Continuous Container Image Scanning to Work at the Speed of DevOps


In India, there are a lot of activities happening around Cloud and container related technologies, which continues to be a strong growth driver and to ensure that the growth is not hindered, Trend Micro has announced the expansion of the security solution for containers with Deep Security Smart Check. The malware and vulnerabilities are spotted efficiently with this and thus making it easy to spot and rectify the security issues in the system.

Continuous delivery pipeline

The smart check identifies security issues prior to deployment with container image scanning. The system provides solutions for automated protection across containers and the host, securing the host from container breaches throughout the continuous delivery pipeline, from design to runtime.

The extensive new suite of APIs and an automation centre with resources to help enable security automation through better integrations are also being developed to upgrade the existing standards of solutions.

Supports Development Operations

Organisations are increasingly shifting their workloads into hybrid cloud services and smart check supports the DevOps (Development Operations)  demands to continuously build secure, ship fast and run anywhere. A key to increasing security for applications starts with building security into the continuous integration and development (CI/CD) pipeline.

All workload environments require security – container environments are no different. Their sheer volume and temporary nature can create security gaps for attackers to exploit. The attackers who attack live server applications will move their focus to the software build cycle, trying to deploy malware from within the built environment.


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