Blockchain Platform to Allow Interoperability and Privacy


R3 has launched a commercial version of its open source blockchain platform Corda to provide privacy and security solutions

The launch of Corda Enterprise by R3 can allow companies to select a version of Corda according to their needs irrespective of the industry, size and stage of development. This can let a wider range of institutions to realise the potential of blockchain.

Blockchain application firewall to enhance security

The commercial version includes a blockchain application firewall that can enable the platform to be deployed into corporate data centres while retaining the ability to communicate securely with other nodes anywhere else in the world.

This can unlock opportunities for R3’s partner firms to expand their business and serve a growing community of end users in sectors as diverse as insurance, healthcare, shipping and financial services.

Features to enable interoperability

Interoperability has been suggested as a key aspect of the platform’s design. Its applications and services run across a common layer of identity, consensus and governance. This means businesses can transact with all their business partners without trapped assets or islands of information.

Corda and Corda Enterprise are interoperable, meaning companies using either can trade with each other, and that one organisation can run both platforms across different divisions.

The version comes with additional features including optimisation for real-world corporate IT environments. Further, the version supports Oracle and SQL server databases and comes with cross-distribution and cross-version wire compatibility. The commercial version has been designed to solve problems regarding privacy and interoperability of permissionless blockchain platforms.



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