*astTECS to Display Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Solutions at Open Source India 2018


*astTECS, a leading provider of enterprise telecom technology products and Asterisk-based open source communication solution, today announced, that the company will be demonstrating a wide range of enterprise communication & collaboration products at Open Source India 2018, Asia’s biggest convention on Open Source technology. *astTECS will be showcasing its extended portfolio of enterprise communication solutions – *astDIAL, *astTRAC and *aLIVE, along with its comprehensive suite of products at Open Source India.

“Open Source has propelled a wave of leading-edge technologies that are bringing boundless changes to businesses. Open Source India offers an ideal platform to showcase innovations and exchange ideas with the most forward-thinking Open Tech innovators,” said Dr. Devasia Kurian, CEO, *astTECS. *astTECS is committed to build a strong communication ecosystem relying on continuous innovations and open partnerships, leading new transformations and help enterprises stay ahead in increasingly competitive markets. Our solutions enable organizations to build open, scalable, resilient & secure communication platforms and address their digital transformation challenges while driving new opportunities and substantial cost saving,” he added.

Cost effectiveness and high performance

Open Source is now omnipresent and empowers organizations key processes, while augmentation in IP has given way to new communication & collaboration techniques. Asterisk is driving enterprise communication in a highly cost-effective manner and boasts a full range of features, capabilities and functionality as enterprises look for high-performance converged solutions; that is easy to manage, reduces costs by speeding up deployment, optimize business practices, drive workforce engagement, eliminates cumbersome installation and helps them gain a competitive edge through quick customization.

With strong focus on customer needs, *astTECS solution serves users across the globe and the company continues to leverage its strong capabilities in product innovation, helping enterprises and SMEs capitalize on latest in technology and adapt to customer’s communications requirements and evolving market opportunities.

*astTECS offers comprehensive, integrated and compelling Telecom Infrastructure Solution based on Asterisk platform that are feature rich, helps improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.

To attend Open Source India 2018 register on this link.


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