More Than Half of Cloud Developers Contribute to Open Source: Survey


In India, 68% developers contribute to open source projects as compared to any other country

About 55% of cloud developers said that they contribute to open source projects and 37% would contribute more to open source if their companies provide time to do so, according to a survey by DigitalOcean, a provider cloud infrastructure software and services.

Corporate leaders seem to be sending mixed responses to their developers about the open source, as per the survey, which was conducted on 4,300 cloud developers by DigitalOcean.

Around 71% developers said that their companies expect them to use open source software as part of their daily development work. On the other hand, majority of employers are not much supportive in contributing to software by their developers that doesn’t have a direct benefit the company. Just 34% respondents were given time to work on open source software projects that are not related to the company’s work, the survey noted.

Younger developers contribute more

The survey revealed that 37% developers would contribute more to open source development if their employers allow time. Additionally, 44% respondents don’t contribute due to lack of right skills and 45% do not know how to get started. However, less experienced and younger developers seem more open to contribute to open, the survey highlighted

Almost 60% developers having five or less years of experience contribute to open source, whereas the number declines for the more experienced developers, said DigitalOcean.

In India, 68% developers contribute to open source projects as compared to any other country, the survey said.

The survey found that JavaScript is leading programming language for open source projects with 62% respondents use it, followed by Python at 52%. The other popular languages were PHP (29%), Java (28%) and CSS (25%).


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