Digital Locations Acquires Open Source CMS Creator EllisLab


Open source content management system ‘ExpressionEngine’ will serve as the foundation for Digital Locations’ new strategy of using artificial intelligence to create personalized digital content

Digital Locations, Inc., developer of an artificial intelligence platform for personalized digital content, has acquired EllisLab, Inc., the creator of the popular content management system ‘ExpressionEngine’.

ExpressionEngine is a powerful and feature-rich content management system (CMS) that powers hundreds of thousands of sites around the world. The CMS has been used to power notable websites from global companies such as Starbucks, Toyota, Disney and Nike. Notably, the last two presidents of the United States — Barack Obama and Donald Trump — have run their campaign websites on ExpressionEngine.

Following in the footsteps of RedHat Linux, WordPress and other successful open source platforms, EllisLab last month transformed ExpressionEngine into a free and open source software platform (FOSS).  The move was taken to increase its user base and service revenue opportunities for EllisLab.

Based on this community of ExpressionEngine users, Digital Locations intends to develop its AI-based content personalization products and services.

Digital Locations’ first acquisition

In a release, Bill Beifuss, President, Digital Locations, announced that they have finally completed their first acquisition, after two years of actively pursuing an acquisition strategy in the information technology space.

Beifuss added, “Open source is a proven strategy and ExpressionEngine is a proven CMS. We look forward to working with the EllisLab team to capitalize on the next phase of growth in the content management market.”

Digital Locations is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to create highly personalized digital content and experiences for each and every person connected to the Internet.

Rick Ellis, Founder of EllisLab, believes that joining Digital Locations will help them gain access to the resources needed to help fuel the company’s  future growth.

He stated,  “Although we’ve achieved significant market share in the commercial space and built a very loyal user base, the open-source market today is simply too big to ignore. We are extremely excited at the potential of using open source to drive growth for EllisLab and its partners, open doors to global markets previously unavailable to us and serve as a platform to deliver cutting-edge technology such as AI-based content personalization.”

Founded 17 years ago, EllisLab  also offers a range of services to the web industry.



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