Tapping into an Open Source Ecosystem Critical in 2019: Suse Expert


Open source Blockchain technology will be the driver for new use cases in many industries beyond finance this year, the expert has predicted.

While giving his 2019 predictions, Grant Bennett, Country Manager for SUSE South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, has stressed that vendor ecosystem will become crucial to business success in 2019.

To be able to remain relevant in a constantly changing market, as well as to deliver the right solutions to the customers, companies will need to develop a strong and compliant vendor network, he explained.

Further, Bennett opined that discovering a route into new geographic regions or new verticals through partnerships will help businesses to continue to grow, while supporting their own partners in a symbiotic relationship, reported Intelligent CIO.

Partner Ecosystems will rise

According to Bennett, in 2019, vendors will start to partner with more foundations to attract new talent.

He said, “Open source vendors are looking for developers that are invested in the larger community and have contributed to a variety of projects. By tapping into a foundation, they can find individuals that are engaged and devoted to the open source philosophy and strengthen their overall networks.”

To retain talent, he suggested, companies should give developers the opportunity to expand their knowledge, achieve certifications and gain vital experience in new technologies (especially around IoT and security).

Blockchain will create new opportunities for developers

Open source Blockchain technology will be the driver for new use cases in many industries beyond finance this year, Bennett predicted.

Giving an example, he said that Blockchain could be used in the food and beverage industry for tracking the delivery of food from farm to consumer across the supply chain.

He elaborated, “Blockchain has the potential to improve the speed in identifying the source and distribution points in a food recall process. Additionally, developments are taking place to bridge containers and Blockchain through CaaS platforms, which will create new opportunities for developers in 2019.”

ML will become the backbone of industries

Bennett also estimated that, in 2019, adoption of Machine Learning (ML) solutions will increase at a measured pace.

This targeted adoption will continually accelerate over the next couple of years, with ML eventually becoming an innovation enabler of all industries in the next decade, he said.



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