Open Mainframe Project Makes z/OS Environment More ‘Cloud-like’ with Zowe


Zowe is the first-ever open source project based on z/OS. It consists of core technologies enabling modern interfaces for web applications on z/OS.

Linux Foundation

The Open Mainframe Project (OMP) has announced that Zowe, an open source software framework for the mainframe that strengthens integration with modern enterprise applications, is now production ready less than six months after launching.

Any enterprise or solution developer can access the Zowe 1.0 source code or convenience build and incorporate it into their products or services with the agility and scalability of a cloud platform.

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, the Open Mainframe Project is comprised of business and academic leaders within the mainframe community that collaborate to develop shared tool sets and resources.

OMP launched Zowe, the first-ever open source project based on z/OS, last August to serve as an integration platform for the next generation of tools for administration, management and development on z/OS mainframes.

Zowe 1.0 consists of core technologies enabling modern interfaces for web applications on z/OS, a new command line interface and expansion of platform REST API capabilities. This makes the z/OS environment more “cloud-like” and aims to improve integration in hybrid cloud environments.

The benefits of using Zowe framework  

The Zowe framework provides interoperability while using the latest web technologies among products and solutions from multiple vendors. It enables developers to use the familiar, industry-standard, open source tools to access mainframe resources and services.

Since launch, it has received a huge community response with more than 1,700 beta downloads, 700 +members of the project’s communication tool (220+ daily active users) and more than 50 committers.

Mainframes are the foundation of businesses in every industry, according to John Mertic, Director of Program Management for the Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project.

“Zowe breathes new life into mainframes and offers innovative possibilities for next generation applications. With Zowe 1.0, we’re developing secure, reliable and scalable computing that will ensure sustainability of mainframes for many years to come,” he said.

The Zowe framework will enable an ecosystem of software solutions intended to provide a simple, intuitive environment for a variety of IT professionals performing administrative, development, test and operation tasks on z/OS, and help onboard the next generation of mainframe users, the organisation said.


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