GraphQL Foundation, JDF Join Forces to Drive Open Source and Open Standards


GraphQL is the first Linux Foundation project to benefit from the Joint Development Foundation and Linux Foundation collaboration

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The GraphQL Foundation, a neutral home for the GraphQL community to accelerate development of the surrounding ecosystem, is collaborating with the Joint Development Foundation (JDF), which recently joined the Linux Foundation to drive adoption of open source and standards, to continue developing the GraphQL specification.

GraphQL Foundation encourages contributions, stewardship, and a shared investment from a broad group in vendor-neutral events, documentation, tools, and support for the data query language.

Apollo, AWS, Butterfly Network, Dgraph Labs, Facebook, Gatsby, GraphZen, Hasura, IBM, Intuit, Neo4j, Novvum, PayPal, Pipefy, Salsify, and Thicit are joining as members to advance GraphQL as an industry specification for designing more effective APIs.

Promoting a global GraphQL ecosystem

GraphQL powers hundreds of billions of API calls a day at Facebook, which developed the technology in 2012 and played an integral role in helping GraphQL join the Linux Foundation last year. Today, virtually every major programming language offers GraphQL support through a variety of open source software libraries.

GraphQL is the first Linux Foundation project to benefit from the JDF and Linux Foundation collaboration, which provides open source projects with a swift path to standardization for open specifications. Developers will have an open GraphQL specification and open source software implementations available for designing conformant APIs.

“We are excited to formally welcome new members and to work closely with them to build out and support a global GraphQL ecosystem. We’re pleased that the GraphQL specification will continue to evolve through the JDF and Linux Foundation partnership. With an easier and faster way to create and advance standards, developers can concentrate on creating applications that make a bigger impact on communities around the world,” said Lee Byron, co-creator of GraphQL.

Collaboration to drive creation of innovative technology

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, shared that by working with the JDF, the GraphQL community is able to leverage turnkey infrastructure to create and manage open standards more quickly and nimbly than ever before.

This allows developers to continue to break barriers and modernize application development, he added.

“We look forward to working closely with the GraphQL Foundation and we expect many other Linux Foundation projects to work with us this year to accelerate specifications and standards development to advance their mission and drive the creation of innovative technology,” said David Rudin, president of the Joint Development Foundation.


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