SUSE Introduces New Release of its Software-Defined Storage Solution


SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 is powered by Ceph technology and enables customers to seamlessly adapt to changing business demands

SUSE, a pioneer in open source software, announced the launch of SUSE Enterprise Storage 6, the new release of its software-defined storage solution that is powered by Ceph technology.

The new solution allows IT organisations to easily adapt to the changing business demands along with cutting down IT operational expenses. The latest features of the solution are focused on containerised and cloud workload support, improved data protection capabilities and enhanced integration with public cloud.

Commenting on the development, Brent Schroeder, CTO Americas for SUSE, said, “SUSE is powering digital transformation with agile open source solutions like SUSE Enterprise Storage that enable enterprises to continually innovate, compete and grow.”

“We work with the community to develop innovative open source technology that we then test and harden to ensure it is enterprise ready. We aim to transform enterprise storage infrastructure with a truly open and unified, intelligent software-defined storage solution that reduces costs and alleviates proprietary hardware lock-in for customers. SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 reflects SUSE’s ongoing commitment to making Ceph ‘enterprise consumable,” said Schroeder.

Helps in adapting to changing business demands

Powered by Ceph Nautilus, SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 enables customers to seamlessly adapt to changing business demands by:

  • Accelerating innovation as it further removes storage silos, giving customers easier access to different types of data and enabling them to quickly extract information from data using cutting-edge search and analytics tools.
  • Maximising application availability with faster and more granular backups that can now leverage low-cost public cloud resources for improved data protection.
  • Responding to changing business demands faster with the ability to quickly and easily leverage public cloud resources as part of their storage infrastructure.

Reduces cost

The solution also helps the customers in reducing operational IT expenses by:

  • Optimising data placement with the ability to automatically and efficiently move data between all tiers of storage based on policy, ensuring access to critical data when customers need it.
  • Improving IT efficiency with a single, scalable storage solution that meets all storage requirements for containerised and cloud-enabled workloads, no matter where they live.


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