Applitools Makes Automated Visual Testing Solution Available For All Open Source Libraries

  • Whether you are a maintainer or a contributor, you can now get free Applitools Eyes for visual testing of your open source projects
  • Applitools joins This Dot’s Open Source Apprentice Programme to promote diversity in tech and support open source initiatives

APIs bridge between open source and SaaS

Now, open source projects can add automated visual testing solution, Applitools Eyes, to their library for free of cost.

Cloud-based application testing and visual management company Applitools is providing free licenses to open source projects to help them deliver visually perfect user interfaces.

Also, Applitools has joined This Dot’s Open Source Apprentice Programme to encourage junior-level developers to contribute to open source. Through this initiative, Applitools will invest in open source to enable energetic and passionate junior developers to achieve its vision of supporting tech diversity through open source programmes.

“Applitools is committed to nurturing greater diversity in tech and supporting open source initiatives, and programmes with organizations like This Dot help us achieve both outcomes,” said Moshe Milman, co-founder and COO at Applitools.

“By making our technology freely available for anyone in the world to use, we can help mentor generations of developers and technologists through more inclusivity,” the official added.

Open Source Apprentice Programme

Gil Tayar, frontend development architect at Applitools, is leading on the integration of this programme. Together, they help accomplish three key goals:

  • Provide a platform to teach junior developers visual testing
  • Show how easy it is to integrate visual testing into an open source library
  • Work with open source maintainers to get pull requests merged into real-world projects

Some of the open source libraries Applitools and This Dot have worked with under this programme are –

  • Preact Material Components
  • NgRx
  • Lona by Airbnb
  • Clarity by VMWare
  • Ngx Bootstrap
  • Leaf UI
  • Ng2 Charts

Prateek Bhatnagar, Preact Core team member, commented, “Visual testing tools have come a long way from pixel-to-pixel matching. Working with Applitools to integrate this into Preact Material has given us the ease of testing we always wanted for this project.”

Hundreds of companies from a range of verticals – including Fortune 100 firms in software, banking, insurance, retai and pharmaceuticals – use Applitools to deliver the best possible digital experiences to their customers.

So, developers! If you have an open source project that you’d like to start visually testing, get started with free Applitools.




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