Xicato Open Sources its XIG API, Brightens The Future of Smart Buildings


The open XIG API will allow centralized management of and remote access to large networks of Bluetooth nodes.

California-based smart light company Xicato has released its XIG API (Xicato Intelligent Gateway application programming interface) under the standard MIT Free Open Source Software (FOSS) license.

The XIG API enables configuration, control, monitoring, data reporting and data analytics of large networks of Bluetooth Mesh nodes installations that integrate lighting, sensors, switches and audio-visual effects in any type of commercial or residential smart space.

With the availability of the open XIG API, customers can now use any lighting control, IoT, audio-visual, or building management system to control, monitor and configure an unlimited number of Bluetooth nodes, potentially including HVAC systems, security systems and many more.

Brighter and smarter buildings

With the wireless lighting industry undergoing explosive growth, manufacturers are expected to embrace more open control standards and open source control topologies.

“Xicato continues to reinforce its commitment to the advancement of smart building technologies and solutions that result in more productive, more efficient buildings and healthier living or working spaces. We want our customers and partners to be able to join in our mission by leveraging our open software to create application-specific solutions that deliver the highest value to end users,” said Xicato CEO, Amir Zoufonoun.

Xicato’s XIG API and source code for Xicato’s XTouch and XTouch MG Android touchscreen interface, are available now on GitHub.

The company delivers light sources and wirelessly connected intelligent devices including drivers, sensors, switches, gateways, controls electronics and software.


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