Microsoft exFAT by Paragon Software Now Supports New Linux Kernel 5.2


Paragon Software has updated its proprietary exFAT technology with even greater performance.  

The updated Microsoft exFAT by Paragon Software driver comes with rapid and transparent read and write access to exFAT volumes from Linux, additional performance optimization for modern Linux kernels and lower CPU memory consumption.

Paragon’s proprietary exFAT technology is available for implementation into Linux, Android and other embedded operating systems, and real time operating systems like QNX and Integrity.

It is officially covered by Microsoft patent rights and is available for direct implementation to OEMs, ODMs and independent software vendors for integration into devices and antivirus, forensic and data recovery solutions without the need to obtain Microsoft licensing.

In addition, it is provided with full technical support and can be customized to any specific requirements.

The Android/Linux exFAT driver comes with these additional tools:

  1. “mkexfat” exFAT formatting tool.
  2. “chkexat” exFAT file system check/repair tool whose repair efficiency is comparable to native Windows CHKDSK.
  3. fsutil – a partial analogue of the Windows “fsutil”, it allows user to obtain information about the volume and manage special attributes of files.
  4. Integration package for Android OEMs for quick integration of Paragon’s driver and utilities into the assembly of the Android image, as a result enabling auto-mounting and formatting of SD cards >32 GB in exFAT in accordance with the requirements of the SD Association. The package is fully updated with the new Android versions releases.

Storage management expert

Paragon Software is the market leader in file system drivers for all popular operating systems, including Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows, available to individual users working in cross-platform environments, businesses and OEMs.

“Paragon Software provides key storage technology software stacks that will ensure the best customer experience through leading performance, high stability, seamless interoperability and full data safety,” commented Konstantin Komarov, CEO at Paragon Software.

Paragon exFAT driver is based on the company’s proprietary File System Link (formerly, UFSD) cross-platform technology that enables any device to communicate and gain access to storage media regardless of file system type.



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