Creating a perfect landing page for free


Nowadays running an online business has become more popular than doing it in a traditional way. Entrepreneurs are lured by the lack of barriers of entry, simplicity of reaching wide ranges of customers and endless possibilities of growing. With Internet and new technologies it is far easier today to become an online businessman than a traditional one. However, one thing is to become an entrepreneur and another is to keep oneself on the market.

Since the digital business world is in constant expansion the competition is getting fiercer and the quality of products and services offered increases. It makes it more troublesome to be noticed in the crowd of alike ambitious online businessmen offering similar products. In order to survive you need to use all the cards you have and even if you have already done that you should always think about improvement and innovation.

One of this card should definitely be a decent nice-looking and attention-grabbing landing page that boosts your conversions and build trust among your potential customers. Since today you can easily create landing page for free you should never deprive your business of one. As it is a highly powerful tool than can move your business off the ground and gain a lot of new leads. However, in order to do all of this it has to be a high quality landing page that will be impeccable for your targeted audience.

A landing page is a must for every online business

The concept of landing pages arrived a few years back but these few years were enough to settle down and become the necessity of every online business. At the beginning loads of businessmen decided to ignore their existence and preferred to persuade themselves that a homepage is already enough. Well, sorry to break it for them – but it’s not.

Homepage should never equal landing page

Obviously, a homepage is also a must for every online business and without it the business can only exist in entrepreneur’s imagination ;-) However, an essence of a homepage is not the same what an essence of a landing page is. And even the most state-of-the-art business website does not replace a good piece of landing page.

Homepages do serve multiple purposes but none of them is focused on attracting new clients as they don’t clearly encourage visitors to take an action such as subscribing or filling out a contact form. Homepages’ primary focus is the company itself – its full offer, history or founder and it makes them full of distracting information and links. And last but not least, the information on them is not put in order that would make the visitors desire the product instantly.

Landing pages impose action

Landing page is a standalone website and serves as a first-impression maker among the visitors. It is the place where your new potential customers land and in order to keep them you need to show them instantly that your solution is something they need. It should quickly grab attention of the visitors, engage them in an action and make them interested in your product or service. And it should do all of that as quickly as possible.

Therefore, landing pages are a great tool which helps you increase your conversion rate, getting information about your visitors, engage new potential leads into action (such as subscribing for a free trial or a newsletter what provide you with personal information about them) and make them believe your product or service is worthwhile. However, in order to fulfill all these functions it needs to have all the necessary landing page elements and it has to be a landing page of high quality.

Every landing page needs some core features
In order to create a perfectly converting landing page you need to plan its structure and put all the essential elements on it that will help you achieve your goals. The core elements that should be placed on every landing page are:

  • headlines which should be catchy, keywords focused and eye-catching. It is the first, and sometimes only, element that visitors read so it has to be well-thought and a little intriguing,
  • subheadlines which should be completion of headlines, a little bit more descriptive but still keywords focused and catchy,
  • benefits of your solution clearly outlined and demonstrating high value and absolute necessity of purchasing it for your potential leads,
  • call-to-action in a visible place and allowing the visitors to subscribe for a free trial, coupons, a newsletter or purchase right away.

All of these features put together in a right order enable you to boost your conversions and make your product or service absolutely desirable for your customers. They are all the core elements of every landing page and without any of them there is a higher risk of landing page failure.

However, putting all the elements is one thing but designing a landing page is another. When planning its structure you should always have in mind who your target is and adjust your landing page look accordingly. You should always keep up with landing page trends which make your landing page up-to-date and appealing for the customers.

If it all sounds quite confusing and you are a landing page newbie or still don’t really feel confident in landing page creation you may facilitate this task and use a highly powerful tool the landing page savvies have prepared for you. And that is a free landing page creator which help you create a high quality and eye-catching landing page in less than an hour.

Creating a free landing page is a piece of cake
Today the digital marketing world is full of bad quality landing pages that don’t truly work miracles for businesses. In order to give you all the bonanza the quality of landing page is crucial and choosing a landing page builder designed by landing page experts is one of the most secure options to create a landing page of excellence.

They are online tools which slightly guide you through the whole creation process making it effortless and quick. They are full of pre-installed features such as landing page layouts and templates, drag and drop function, simple copying and moving or tailoring your landing page to every type of device. You can use these builders up to 14 days for free thanks to a free trial period. Quite nice, huh? ;-)


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