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Leading open source providers in India


In the fast-growing computing world, open source software has already been matured to take on closed source solutions. But its demand is still lower than most of the proprietary offerings. This happens due to some security and management issues. While companies in the main developed markets like the US and UK are working on improving open source, some of the market leaders are in India to expand its presence. Thus, we are here listing all the leading open source providers that exist in the Indian market with their native solutions.


Website: https://bagisto.com/en/

Bagisto is the leading provider of open-source eCommerce platforms to small, medium and large scale enterprises. Along with various paid add-ons, the platforms offers legacy enterprise solutions such as Multi-Tenant SaaS, POS, Multi-Vendor applications and Live streaming applications. It’s a complete eCommerce solution built for merchants to cater to their online shop needs and is very easy for developers to contribute and build. Bagisto has a built-in easy navigable admin panel and is bundled with functionalities like Multi-Currency, Multi-Localization, Access Control Level, Multi-Channel, Payment integration and much more.

Headquartered in Noida, Bagisto was started in October 2018. As of now, the company has ambassadors in Brazil, Cambodia, French, Canada along with a sister representative in Belgium as Bagisto Europe.

AcquiaAcquia (New Delhi)

Website: http://acquia.com

Acquia leverages the cloud to offer new customer experiences. The company offers various software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for web content management, security and commerce. It also provides technical support for open source web content management platform Drupal.

Boston, Massachusetts-based Acquia was founded in 2007. It has its branch office in New Delhi to serve the Indian customers.

Adit McrosysAdit Microsys (Ahmedabad)

Website: http://www.aditmicrosys.com

Adit Microsys is an IT development and consulting firm and offers offshore services. The company provides services such as onsite consulting and development, offshore software development, product lifecycle management, mobile consulting, web designing, license optimisation and database management. Additionally, it leverages a large number of open source technologies.

Ahmedabad-based Adit Microsys serves its offerings to a variety of industry verticals across the globe, such as gaming, finance, real estate, travel, medical and retail among others.

AnglerAngler (Tamil Nadu)

Website: http://www.angleritech.com

Angler is a software and internet solution provider in India. The company offers offshore software development, e-business products and interactive media. It harnesses the power of open source through CMS frameworks, e-commerce development and community services. Additionally, there is a catalogue of software development through PHP/MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Ajax, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Tamil Nadu-based Angler has its offices across the US, UK and UAE.

Apagen (Noida)

Website: http://apagen.com

Apagen uses Odoo (formally known as OpenERP) solution for businesses to let them run their ERP and CRM solutions using the power of open source. The company offers Odoo-based business applications and consulting services that can be utilised across logistics, production, projects, human resource and financials. To enable new experiences, it also works on platforms like Ubuntu, Firefox, Libre Office and Magento among others.

The Noida-headquartered company was founded in 2009 and so far has its presence in countries like Malaysia, UK, Nigeria, Kenya, US and the UAE. It provides offshore delivery through ODCs (Offshore Delivery Model) in Noida.

AshnikAshnik (Mumbai)

Website: http://www.ashnik.com

Ashnik leverages open source technologies to solve critical business challenges. The company offers solutions such as open source databases, big data platforms and consulting as well as training. It utilises platforms including EnterpriseDB, Nginx, MongoDB, Pentaho, Docker and Elastic Stack.

Singapore-headquartered Ashnik has its presence in India through a branch office in Mumbai.


Asttecs (Bengaluru)

Website: http://asttecs.com

Asttecs works as an open source telephony brand in India. It offers enterprise solutions such as IP-PBX, GSM gateway, call centre dialler, video conference system and IVR solutions. Additionally, it has services categorised as basic, gold and platinum with different type of service-level agreements (SLAs) to meet the demand of enterprises in the country.

The Bengaluru-based company has its presence in Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Goa, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Noida, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. It also has its offices in
countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Germany, Philippines, Turkey, Lebanon and UAE.

Axcensa TechnologiesAxcensa Technologies (Tamil Nadu)

Website: http://axcensa.com/

Axcensa Technologies uses open source technologies to solve problems in streams like manufacturing process, sales procurement and inventory management. The company deploys solutions based on Odoo, Java and Python as well as offers services like ERP, app and web development, domain knowledge and e-commerce. Additionally, it offers after delivery support and consultation on the deployment of open source solutions.

The Tamil Nadu-headquartered company has its presence in the UK in addition to the base in India.

CarizenCarizen (Chennai)

Website: http://carizen.com

Carizen provides Linux-based network infrastructure solutions. Formerly known as ICSoft, the company offers Rainmail Intranet Server to empower corporate customers with Linux operating system. This server has already been deployed in various market segments including government organisations, manufacturing industries and defence organisations.

Chennai-based Carizen has its branches in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi. It was founded in 1998 and is so far offering 17 different products.

Cignex DatamaticsCignex Datamatics (Ahmedabad)

Website: http://www.cignex.com

Cignex Datamatics helps organisations deploy open source technologies to enhance their return on investment (RoI). Founded in 2000, the company offers services such as open source readiness assessment and consulting, application modernisation and management, testing and UX design through technology solutions like Alfresco, Drupal, ForgeRock, Hadoop and Liferay among others. It also provides platforms for employee engagement, franchise management and Big Data.

The Silicon Valley-based company has its India headquarters in Ahmedabad, along with its branch offices in Bengaluru and Noida.

CiscoCisco (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.cisco.com

Cisco is one of the popular multinational technology company. The San Jose, California-based corporation offers various open source projects on GitHub that includes OpenStack tool Avos, Cisco APIC access AciToolKit and container infrastructure Contiv. It also maintains DevNet to get developer contributions to enhance a large number of native APIs, SDKs and Sandbox.

Cisco has a vast presence across India with its sales offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. It also has three of its R&D offices in Bengaluru.

CitrixCitrix (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.citrix.com

Citrix offers server, application and desktop virtualisation, networking, software as a service and various cloud computing technologies. The company provides solutions for app virtualisation and enterprise mobility management in addition to file sync and networking. Additionally, it delivers the open source community its XenServer platform that comes as a foundation of cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace’s OpenStack.

California-headquartered Citrix has its India regional office in Bengaluru.

ClouderaCloudera (Chennai)

Website: http://www.cloudera.com

Cloudera is a software company that provides Apache Hadoop-based software, support, services and training to enterprises. The company offers products for secure data management and analytics using open source technologies. Also, it offers support and training to businesses as well as gives certifications and partnerships to detail big data administration.

Founded in 2008, Cloudera has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California and a branch office in Chennai. It is one of the sponsors of the Apache Software Foundation and donates upstream to Apache-licensed open source projects including Apache Hive, Apache Avro and Apache HBase.

DeepRoot Linux (Bangalore)

Website: https://deeproot.in/

DeepRoot Linux is a nineteen-year-old Free Software Business founded by Abhas Abhinav in the year 2000. DeepRoot’s aim has been to help other organisations make the most effective use of Free / Open Source Software by building solutions that are quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage. Over the years, they have helped more than 500 organisations of all sizes get started with and deploy GNU/Linux and Free Software widely.
The company believe that the best way to recommend and promote free / open source software is by building affordable solutions and backing them up with commercial and comprehensive support.

EmiproEmipro (Gujrat)

Website: http://emiprotechnologies.com

Emipro offers Odoo and e-commerce application developments for companies ranging from startups to large enterprises. The company uses open source Odoo to replace traditional ERP solutions and Magento to provide an efficient e-commerce offering. In addition to products, some training modules are also available to let organisations receive training on their existing and new deployments.

Gujrat-based Emipro was founded in 2011 and so far has a vast presence across India. It has a team of IT experts for deployments of open source technologies and offers an online support.

Foss InfotechFoss Infotech (Coimbatore)

Website: http://www.fossinfotech.com

Foss Infotech works as an open source IT services company. The Coimbatore-based concern develops solutions for ERP, CRM, document management system and software integration using OpenERP, Alfresco and RackOn. It is an official partner of Odoo in India, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar and consists of a team that includes project managers, business analysts, technical leads, developers, web designers and ICT consultants.

The company has its registered office and a developer centre in Tamil Nadu and an oversea presence in the UAE.

GlobalTeckz GlobalTeckz (Mumbai)

Website: http://www.globalteckz.com

GlobalTeckz offers open source software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company uses Odoo, Magneto, WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla to provide various business solution packages. Also, it includes solutions on ASP.Net, SQL, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP and Google API.

Mumbai-based GlobalTeckz is targeting at industries like manufacturing, e-commerce and trading.

GT Enterprises

GT Enterprises (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.gte-india.com

GT Enterprises is one of the oldest open source providers in India. The company offers enterprise solutions, infrastructure management services, software testing tools and database implementation services. Also, it provides training on technologies like VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, EnterpriseDB, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Salesforce.

The company has its head office and training centre in Bengaluru.

Helical IT SolutionsHelical IT Solutions (Hyderabad)

Website: http://helicaltech.com

Helical IT Solutions designs efficient solutions using open source technologies for a wide range of audience, including CEO, CXO and line managers among others. The company provides services on entire Business Intelligence (BI) stack that ranges from ETL, DW, data mining and analytics. Additionally, it gives integration of data sources and offers tools like balanced scorecards, personalised dashboards, key performance indicators, automated alerts, graphical mining and cross tab reporting among others.

The Hyderabad-based company was founded in 2012. It recently reached the headlines for launching open source BI framework called Helical Insight.

InfoAxonInfoAxon (Noida)

Website: http://www.infoaxon.com

InfoAxon operates as an open source integration company. It offers solutions like Liferay integration, knowledge management, Alfresco Integration, Pentaho BI integration and mobile messaging for industry, government, retail and insurance sectors in India. There are also some pre-integrated platforms, including FusionKM, FusionBI, AxonShare, White Label SaaS and OSSExpert Tool Kit. Besides, the company provides services like open source integration and support as well as open source training and consulting.

The Noida-headquartered company was founded in 2001. It has a branch in the UK to serve international clients alongside Indian customers.

InfosysInfosys (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.infosys.com

Infosys is an Indian multinational corporation that provides, consulting, information technology and outsourcing services to its clients all across the globe. The company offers Infosys Information Platform (IIP) that serves as an open source data analytics platform. It emerges as a standalone big data solution as well as an add-on to existing infrastructure for enterprises.

Founded in 1981, Infosys has its headquarters in Bengaluru. It has its offices and development centres in regions like the US, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East and Africa.

ITFluxITFlux (Kerala)

Website: http://itflux.com

ITFlux is a US-based company that uses open source to offer ERP and CRM solutions. It is one of the large-scale vendors for Odoo and OpenText BPM deployments. Also, the company offers products for BPM (Business Process Management), app development and QA and testing models.

Established in 2003, the company deploys solutions using platforms like SugarCRM, Newgen ECM and DMS, Joomla and WordPress among others. Although the company has its headquarters in California, it has a development centre in Kerala and a sales office in Surat to fulfill the requirements of Indian clients.

Keen & Able

Keen & Able (New Delhi)

Website: http://www.keenable.in/

Keen & Able specializes in providing complete end-to-end solutions to their clients IT needs. The philosophy of Open Source and Linux guide them in achieving the mission of providing enterprise-class solutions to all customers, irrespective of their size, origin and the audience they cater to.
The company was incorporated in October 1996, and since then has grown from strength to strength and have achieved an enviable position, especially in the fast growing infrastructure solutions space. It is the esteemed customers in the government, public sector and corporate sectors that have fueled its growth through their trust in Keen & Able’s capabilities and solutions.

Likemind Technologies Likemind Technologies (Tamil Nadu)

Website: http://likemindtech.com

Likemind Technologies leverages open source to offer various business solutions. The company provides web solutions as well as software developments through some community-based technologies. It has models for school management, content management, e-commerce and web designing.

Tamil Nadu-based Likemind Technologies uses LAMP and WAMP for web development and has over a decade of experience in PHP. The company has its branch office in Coimbatore and an international presence in London.

Lyra InfosystemsLyra Infosystems (Bengaluru)

Website: http://lyrainfo.com

Lyra Infosystems uses open source power on its two different working practices — product distribution and software services. The company deploys products from Black Duck, Bomgar, Electric Cloud, Perforce and Cryptzone to deliver various customised solutions. Further, it provides training as well as auditing support to help enterprises improve their existing position.

Bengaluru-headquartered Lyra Infosystems has its branch offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Singapore. It was established in 2007 with an aim to offer focused skills, legal remedies, training and development, IP expertise and deployment and installation of open source solutions.

OpenLXOpenLX (New Delhi)

Website: http://www.openlx.com

OpenLX offers customer-centric Linux distribution. The New Delhi-based startup developed a beginner-friendly Linux distribution that is powered by Linux Mint. It also offers solutions like Koha and DSpace for institutions using the in-house OpenLX Linux distribution.

In addition to the offerings for institutions, OpenLX has designed Kalculate as a Linux-based business desktop. It also provides cost-effective and virus-free solutions for various libraries and organisations in the country.

OpenRadixOpenRadix (Mumbai)

Website: http://www.openradix.in

OpenRadix provides open source software in the Indian market. The company allows businesses and enterprises to build web and mobile applications using open source solutions such as JSON, JBoss, Jasper Reports, Android SDK and Apache Cordova. Additionally, it develops projects like customised ERPs and CRM for private organisations, semi-government and multinational corporations.

The Mumbai-based company was founded in 2011. It has strategic alliances with Amazon Web Services (AWS), CtrlS, NetWeb Technologies and TechSquare Technologies to fulfill the requirements of its clients.

OSSCubeOSSCube (Noida)

Website: http://osscube.com

OSSCube helps small- and large-scale organisations with its integrated mission critical solutions using open source. Established in 2006, the company offers a wide range of services including consulting, elastic virtual development resources, mobile, web and custom application development, product support and open source training with localised contract option.

The Noida-based company has a presence in the UK and US with its sales and support teams spread across London, North Carolina and Texas. It provides solutions such as CMS, CRM, e-commerce, ETL, BPM, business intelligence, marketing automation and PIM for industries like travel, healthcare, government and technology. Additionally, it enables services including web development, mobile app development, social media management, managed cloud services and training.

PromantiaPromantia (Bengaluru)

Website: http://promantia.in

Promantia implements open source ERP solution Openbravo across multiple verticals such as retail sales and rentals, manufacturing, engineering projects, education and logistics among others. The company also offers other open source technologies such as Pentaho’s Data Integration and Analytics Suite Image and Alfresco. Additionally, it provides consulting and education services to make its clients aware of open source software.

The company has its office in Bengaluru.

Qualian TechnologiesQualian Technologies (Tamil Nadu)

Website: http://www.qualiantech.com

Qualian Technologies is one of the leading providers of open source Openbravo ERP in India. The company designs and maintains Openbravo ERP through its proprietary Qualian ERP solution. Additionally, it provides software development services using Java, Unix shell, Ruby on Rails, Ajax and Acuate BIRT Reporting.

Chennai-based Qualian Technologies has its branch offices in Germany and the US.

SiddhatechSiddhatech Software Services (Pune)

Website: http://www.siddhatech.com

Siddhatech Software Services offers a large number of services to its clients using various open source technologies. The company eases implementation, deployment and migration of applications using its dedicated tools, namely Advanced Roadmap Tool and Secure Container. Additionally, it leverages frameworks like Django, Play and Objective C and uses frontend open source tools such as Angular, Backbone, Ember.js and Node.js to provide technology services.

Pune-based Siddhatech Software Services has its two offices in India. The company also provides software testing and project management.

SODTechSOD Technologies (Kerala)

Website: http://sodtechnologies.com

SOD Technologies is an IT and product engineering services company. Founded in 2001, the company has a vision of developing custom software products and IT services for a vast number of clients. It provides services such as enterprise consulting, staff augmentation, web app development, enterprise mobility and digital marketing for clients in the healthcare, government, logistics, trading, banking, retail and e-commerce among others.

Cochin, Kerala-based SOD Tech is claimed to offer 24×7 customer support through multiple online and offline channels.

Source OneSource One (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.msourceone.com

Source One is an IT services, consulting, recruitment and outsourcing company in India. It offers open source Liferay solution through its silver partnership with California-based Liferay Inc. In addition to Liferay, the Indian company provides technologies for big data and analytics, e-commerce and SAP.

Bengaluru-based Source One has its branch offices in Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. It also has its presence in the US.

Spectrum SofttechSpectrum Softtech (Kerala)

Website: http://www.spectrum.net.in

Spectrum Softtech offers open source software developments by utilising solutions including MySQL, Apache, Linux and FreeBSD. It has developed offerings like Qmail, SendMail and Post mail server solutions, open source firewall implementation, MySQL and PostgreSQL database applications, Linux web hosting and open source VPN solutions, ViciDial call centre technology and data storage as well as backup solutions.

The Kerala-based company was incorporated in 1998 to offer advanced technology solutions in India. It has a wide catalogue of services such as mobile app development, web development and website designing, server co-location, remote infrastructure, software testing and QA and training and placement.

SrijanSrijan (New Delhi)

Website: http://srijan.net

Srijan is a web consulting company that deploys Drupal. The company uses the open source web platform in building high-traffic websites and complex web applications. Additionally, it offers solutions such as front-end development, UX and design, Ruby on Rails and e-commerce.

The New Delhi-based concern has its presence in the US and Singapore apart from its coverage in India. It serves industry verticals ranging from non-profit organisations and enterprises to media, education and travel.

SynconicsSynconics Technologies (Ahmedabad)

Website: http://synconics.com

Synconics Technologies provides tailor-made open source solutions to businesses. The company has specialisation in customising and implementing Odoo (OpenERP) as well as delivers various open source applications for solutions such as ERP, CRM and BPM among others. Additionally, it offers consulting services and training on Odoo ERP.

Ahmedabad-based Synconics develops and delivers its open source-powered solutions and services to worldwide business houses. It is primarily targeting at SMEs and focused on industries like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and transportation.

Syscon InfotechSyscon Infotech (Kolkata)

Website: http://www.sysconinfo.com

Syscon Infotech is one of the popular open source companies in India. The company offers consulting and system integration services by focusing on open source software. It offers services like PHP application development and maintenance, LAMP development, SME and Enterprise server installations, Groupware and Clustering solution and Zimbra implementation.

Kolkata-based Syscon Infotech has its branch offices in Bengaluru, Delhi and Patna.

SysforeSysfore Technologies (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.sysfore.com

Sysfore Technologies uses various cloud, mobile and responsive web technologies to offer in the market its consulting, technology and managed services. The company build solutions using open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Magento and Open Source ERP among others. It provides cloud solutions, responsive applications, ERP advisory services and HR as well as payroll applications.

Founded in 2004, Sysfore Technologies has its headquarters in Bengaluru. The company also has its international presence through its offices in the US, UK and UAE.

TaasheeTaashee Linux Services (Hyderabad)

Website: http://taashee.com

Taashee Linux Services provides open source solutions to mid- and large-scale businesses. Incepted in 2007, the company deploys IT developments like virtualisation, clustering, cloud computing, monitoring and security to deliver a wide range of services to its clients. It offers product-oriented services using solutions such as cloud, middleware (JBoss), ECM and Portal, database and data grids and monitoring management.

Specifically for data centre establishments, the company provides solutions such as redundant resource management, failure detection, isolation and recovery. There are also “one-button deploys” of Big Data technologies. The Hyderabad-based company has its regional offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

TCSTata Consultancy Services (Mumbai)

Website: http://tcs.com

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) operates as an Indian multinational IT company with a market capitalisation of $80 billion. It is among the ‘Big 4’ most valuable IT services brands around the globe. For the world of community-driven solutions, the company offers open source platform services that include application development, migration of existing technologies and product upgrades.

Mumbai-headquartered TCS recently established its dedicated open source centre of excellence (CoE). It designs solutions for the primary technology areas like content management, business intelligence, service-oriented architecture, enterprise service bus and Linux.

TechBlue SoftwareTechBlue Software (Gurgaon)

Website: http://www.techbluesoftware.co.in

TechBlue Software utilises open source technologies to deliver technology solutions, project management expertise and analysis of projects at business and commercial levels. The company takes advantages of platforms like Linux, MySQL, KVL, OpenStack, Enterprise Java, Asterisk/VoIP and Phonegap to enable new services. Moreover, it provides IT monitoring and infrastructure management using the support of open source software.

The Gurgaon-based company was established in 2004. It delivers software, consultancy and support to companies operating throughout the UK, USA, Middle-East, Europe, Australia and India.

Techno InfonetTechno Infonet (Ahmedabad)

Website: http://www.technoinfonet.com

Techno Infonet is an IT company in India that utilises the power of open source to provide various web, app and desktop solutions. The company has experience in developing products using Core PHP, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, HTML5, OpenCart and OSCommerce. In addition to mobile and desktop apps, it offers web services for open source solutions such as Codeigniter, CakePHP, X-Cart, Woo Commerce, Zen Cart and OsCommerce.

Ahmedabad-headquartered Techno Infonet has its branch offices in the UK and US.

TetraTetra (New Delhi)

Website: http://www.tetrain.com

Tetra is one of the popular open source consulting firms in the capital city of India. It was originally founded back in 1996 but streamlined into a full-fledged open source company in 2000. The company offers IT infrastructure and business ready solutions to enterprises as well as a large number of open source projects to developers and entrepreneurs. It also provides services like outsourcing, consultancy and pilot projects, migration and porting, software development, training and remote management among others.

Headquartered in Delhi, the company has its presence in some major continents across the globe. It enables ready business solutions such as application server, collaborative development environment (CDE), human resource management system (HRMS), e-commerce websites, CMS and CRM among others. Also, there are open source solutions like digital library, enterprise resource planning (ERP), trouble ticket management and terminal server (LTSP).

TIS LabsTIS Labs (Kolkata)

Website: http://tislabs.in

TIS Labs utilises the power of open source to offer various IT infrastructure services and solutions. It deals in domains such as virtualisation, private and public cloud infrastructure, mail messaging solutions, directory services, content management, unique storage solution, VA-PT, NMS, Backup and Restore solutions, high availability/cluster, data security and gateway security among others. Further, there are consulting offerings for ITIL, information security, risk assessment, risk treatment and business MIS dashboards.

The Kolkata-headquartered company was founded back in 2010 and has its operations across NCR, Mumbai and Pune. In addition to some open source IT solutions, the company has a Linux Centre of Excellence to help deployment of the open source platform.

UnotechUnotech (Mumbai)

Website: http://unotechsoft.com

Unotech Software provides an end-to-end suite of open source solutions that helps solve your problem. It was founded in 2011 and provides services like consultancy, outsourced product development, application engineering and open source training.

The Mumbai-based company has its sales offices in Pune and Bengaluru. It offers services such as Linux implementation and enterprise Linux health checkup, Java development, enterprise content management, Middleware JBoss and migration from proprietary solutions. Additionally, there are solutions like document management system, service desk management, identity management system, IT asset management, eHealth and messaging and collaboration.

VtigerVtiger (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.vtiger.com

Vtiger is a CRM software company that utilises open source technologies to offer on-demand solutions. Founded in 2004, the company has a wide catalogue of products for sales, support and enthusiastic organisation teams. It offers online, mobile and local CRM deployment solutions that can help enhance marketing, sales, customer service and other resource management related avenues.

Bengaluru-headquartered Vtiger offers its sales and support services in countries like the UK, New Zealand and Australia in addition to its Indian presence. It has a branch office in San Francisco, California to deliver its offerings in the US.

WiproWipro (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.wipro.com

Wipro is a well-known IT service company in India. The company was incorporated in 1945 but started its operations in the IT sector in 1980. To meet the demand for community-based solutions, Wipro operates an open source practice division that focuses on designing applications for areas like middleware, portal, security, content management and API among others. It also utilises Open Shift and OpenStack technologies to deliver new data, web and mobile frameworks, IoT and cloud products in the market.

The company operates from its head office in Bengaluru with branches all across the globe.

Zestard TechnologiesZestard Technologies (Ahmedabad)

Website: http://www.zestard.com

Zestard Technologies works as a software outsourcing company. It offers IT services using technologies such as PHP, Flex, Ruby on Rails, Java, MySQL, CakePHP and Zend Framework. Additionally, it provides services including web design, app development, database management and SEO.

Ahmedabad-based Zestard Technologies has its branch offices in Australia and the US.

ZolipeZolipe Solutions (Bengaluru)

Website: http://www.zolipe.com

Zolipe Solutions is among the popular open source development companies in India. The company leverages open source technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Java to design various end solutions. It offers services like web portal and CMS development, product and app design, opensource CRM deployment, search engine optimisation, re-engineering and migration, support and maintenance and IT staffing.

Founded in 2005, Zolipe Solutions has its physical presence in Bengaluru. However, it works with clients in regions including the US, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia.



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