Amazon Envisions To Bring Walmart And Target Into An Open Source Technology Faction

  • Amazon is attempting to interest the nation’s largest retailers in collaborating in the open source arena
  • Amazon plans to introduce its cashier-less technology to its rivals.

Last year Amazon had created Dent, an open source organization. Dent has the tools and technologies that facilitate Amazon in operating its Go stores. The Go technology, in addition to cashier-less purchasing, also provides automated inventory management. It also works with Marvell Technology Group, an organization dealing in technology solutions and Cumulus Networks, a networking software company.

As per a report in The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is now eyeing to take along Target and Walmart. However, apparently neither company plans to play a part right now. Amazon may have some inspirations to work together with its retail rivals on in-store technology:

  • Working with retailers through Dent could allow Amazon to make its technology solutions more affordable. As per a source who talked to the Journal, using Amazon’s technology to run a 1,000-square-foot Go store can be as expensive as $11 million before industry-standard discounts, but it could cost a retailer less than $100,000 if it chooses to use Dent’s open source software in a comparable sized store. Costs hitting $11 million would render the technology unreachable to a large number of retailers. While it’s uncertain if retailers would be required to spend more on technology, in addition to the open source software.
  • Work in partnership with merchants can aid Amazon in expanding its brick-and-mortar retailers. Amazon has already begun licensing its Just Walk Out technology to third-party merchants, and working with retailers through Dent could create bring about collaborations.
  • By introducing its solutions to more stores could help Amazon in scaling its technology more quickly and efficiently in the future.


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