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ScyllaDB Announces Release Of Its NoSQL Database Scylla Open Source 4.0

  • The company claimed that Scylla is approximately 1/8 the total cost of Amazon DynamoDB
  • It comes with Lightweight Transactions (LWT), that extends Scylla’s options for data consistency

ScyllaDB has announced the release of Scylla Open Source 4.0. It is a NoSQL database for real-time big data workloads. The company said that it has moved from beyond feature parity with Apache Cassandra. It is now serving as an open source drop-in, no-lock-in alternative to Amazon DynamoDB.

Scylla Open Source 4.0 builds on Scylla’s close-to-the-hardware design. The company said that it is written from the ground-up in C++ and delivers a performance of millions of OPS on a single node. It scales out to hundreds of nodes and consistently achieves a 99 per cent tail latency of less than one millisecond

Dor Laor, CEO and co-founder, ScyllaDB said, “Scylla 4.0 is our largest release ever, with improvements ranging from ease-of-use to new APIs and functionality and performance. We welcome developers to discover the great performance Scylla offers out of the box, at a reasonable price and without lock-in.”

Streaming data to 60TB mega nodes

The company said that Scylla delivers better, more consistent performance along with a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater deployment flexibility. Its production-ready features in Scylla Open Source 4.0 give certain advantages over Cassandra. As per the company, these include scaling up to any number of cores, streaming data to 60TB mega nodes, built-in schedulers, unified cache, and self-tuning operations.

The company also claimed that Scylla Open Source 4.0 delivers more than five times higher throughput and nearly 10 times lower P99 latencies than the upcoming Apache Cassandra 4.0 release. It also claimed that Scylla is approximately 1/8 the total cost of Amazon DynamoDB.

Reduces the total cost of ownership

ScyllaDB said that Scylla Open Source 4.0 comes equipped with Alternator, a DynamoDB-compatible API. Scylla 4.0 provides a production-ready Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API that lets DynamoDB users switch to Scylla without changing a single line of application code. It added that Scylla significantly reduces the total cost of ownership, delivers lower and more consistent latencies, and expands the limitations DynamoDB places on object size, partition size.

The company said in a statement, “Developers are no longer locked in to a platform and have new open source options available to them. They can run on-premises, on their preferred cloud platforms or on Scylla’s fully managed database as a service, Scylla Cloud. They are free to access their data as they like, without pay-per-operation fees, and with more deployment options, including open source Docker and Kubernetes. ”

It also comes with Lightweight Transactions (LWT), which extends Scylla’s options for data consistency. It uses Paxos two-phase-commit that makes operations strongly consistent as per the company. The Change Data Capture (Beta) included allows users to track changes in their data, recording both the original data values and the new values to records. With this, Scylla streams change to a standard CQL table that can be indexed or filtered to find critical changes to data.

Deploying multi-zone clusters

The Kubernetes Operator for Scylla allows automated provisioning of cloud-native containerized applications. It supports the entire lifecycle of deployment, scaling, and management. The company added that Scylla Operator ( now in beta with Scylla 4.0) is a Kubernetes extension for Scylla cluster management. It supports deploying multi-zone clusters, scaling up or adding new racks, scaling down and monitoring Scylla clusters with Prometheus and Grafana



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