Hasura Launches GraphQL Service Hasura Cloud

  • Hasura Cloud is based on Hasura’s enterprise-grade Hasura Pro product
  • Hasura Cloud uses GraphQL, an open-source data query and manipulation specification released in 2015 by Facebook

Hasura, the data access infrastructure company has announced it’s new service, Hasura Cloud, that provides instant and secure access to data across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments with a unified GraphQL API. It said that Hasura Cloud will help organisations to create data-driven applications without costly investments in infrastructure or operational management. Hasura Cloud is based on Hasura’s enterprise-grade Hasura Pro product and brings new cloud-specific functionality like dynamic data caching, auto-scaling, global availability, and consumption-based pricing.

Organisations already have data they want to use but it is trapped in silos. The company said that rather than trying to use outdated approaches to overcome this problem like consolidating fast-moving operational data into static data warehouses or data lakes, one can connect applications by federating access to where the data lives, using a modern API-based approach that includes security, governance, and scalability as standard features. The company said that Hasura’s technology helps developers quickly generate GraphQL-based APIs to access data where it is today. This helps them focus on building useful applications and not on reinventing infrastructure scaffolding.

Automatically creates programming interfaces (APIs)

Hasura CEO and co-founder Tanmai Gopal said, “Hasura Cloud means you can start using a globally available, production-ready GraphQL API service immediately. There’s no need to commission hosting infrastructure or worry about operational management, you can just get started straight away. It’s been the number one request from customers looking for the fastest possible experience. We know that organizations of all kinds want to use modern APIs to connect data to applications. What makes no sense is spending years reinventing what Hasura has already done for you. Just use Hasura Cloud and get on with inventing the future.”

Hasura Cloud uses GraphQL, an open-source data query, and manipulation specification released in 2015 by Facebook. It automatically creates programming interfaces (APIs) that developers use to access and manipulate data in modern applications. Hasura Cloud looks after the operational challenges so that organisations can concentrate on using their data to create value as per the company.


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