Serverless Stack Raises $1M for Open Source Application Framework


Open-source framework startup Serverless Stack announced Friday that it raised $1 million in seed funding from a Greylock Partners, SV Angel and Y Combinator. 

Serverless Stack’s technology enable developers to easily build full-stack serverless applications. The open-source framework allows developers to test and change applications by directly connecting local machines to the cloud. Unlike traditional ways that need engineers to upload the app to cloud, allow it to run and then make changes, Serverless Stack offers ability to debug locally. 

Founded by Jay V and Frank Wang in 2017, Serverless Stack has grown to over 2,000 stars on GitHub and was downloaded over 60,000 times.

Serverless initially gravitated toward specific use cases — APIs are now allowing its community to chime in and it is using that as a guide, Jay V was quoted in TechCrunch report. The company recently announced more of a full-stack use case for building out APIs with a database and also building out the front end frameworks.

Ultimately, V’s roadmap includes building out more tools with a vision of getting Serverless Stack to the point where a developer can come on with an idea and take it all the way to an IPO using his platform.


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