New Open Source Software to Enhance Whole-Home Wi-Fi Coverage


Prpl Foundation, a community-driven consortium for open-source network architecture, has announced the release of its prplMesh 2.0 software stack, eligible for Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) EasyMesh Release 2 certification, for both Agent and Controller roles.

“The mission of the prplMesh project is to create a carrier-grade, production-worthy, open-source solution for managing Wi-Fi Access Points in CPE gateways and Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders, to provide best-in-class Wi-Fi coverage and seamless user experience,” the company said in a release.

Len Dauphinee, president of the prpl Foundation said, “Service Providers increasingly rely on open-source software solutions to best manage the complexity of supporting, updating, and remotely managing their disparate inventory of various CPE devices deployed in the field. This second release of prplMesh further enhances the Wi-Fi experience for both service providers and their subscribers with new features that improve the capacity, functionality and manageability of smart mesh networks deployed in homes.”

The prplMesh stack is designed as platform-independent, leveraging open standards and open APIs, and is currently ported onto both prplWare and RDK-B router operating systems. Subscribers will enjoy prplMesh deployments that provide true whole-home Wi-Fi coverage through easy installation of self-organizing Smart Routers and Wi-Fi Extenders distributed throughout their homes.

prplMesh 2.0 allows users to create and isolate so-called “Guest” networks for providing internet access to guests in the home while protecting the remainder of the home network from risks. The prplMesh Controller includes new features that improve its intelligent decision-making algorithms that self-organize the Wi-Fi mesh into an optimal arrangement of backhaul and fronthaul links to adapt to the specific layout of each home and its variety of Wi-Fi devices inside. Other new features improve Wi-Fi capacity, user experience, security, and remote analytics. An extensive API enables service providers to remotely configure, control and manage the prplMesh stack. For adopters of the software, the prplMesh testing regime is enhanced with automated infrastructure and a continuous integration pipeline.



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