OpsCruise Introduces Plan to Empower DevOps to Accelerate Troubleshooting of Cloud Native Apps


OpsCruise, the cloud application observability company, announced a new ‘free forever’ plan in the run-up to Kubecon 2021 to support further adoption and use of popular open source telemetry such as Kubernetes, eBPF, Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger and Istio.

When it comes to observing modern applications, Cloud Native Enterprises are often caught between two less than ideal choices: pick and choose amongst a multitude of free, open source tools but where a heavy lift is required around deployment, configuration, training and maintenance later OR choose a commercial cloud-based solution that’s easier but is expensive and locks you into a proprietary architecture

OpsCruise said it offers the best by supporting and embedding popular open source monitoring tools into a smart-layer that auto-discovers and maintain all dependencies, predicts performance degradations, troubleshoots in context and automate causal analysis and more.

Julius Volz, ex-Google and the creator of one of the most popular open source monitoring tools, Prometheus, noted, “OpsCruise is a promising and novel approach for integrating information from both Prometheus and Kubernetes to help visualise the environment and automate production troubleshooting.”


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