ASUS Showcases HPC Solutions at SC21 Supercomputing Conference



  •  ASUS at SC21: Company set to host virtual booth at SC21 to present
    demonstrations of HPC solutions
  • HPC-solution expertise: World-class reputation, multiple world records, best-in-
    class supercomputer collaboration and support for diverse industries
  • RS720Q-E10 Intel-based high-density server: Designed for HPC, with two
    processors per node and liquid-cooling solution.

ASUS, today announced that it will join the super computing conference (SC21),
running from November 15-19, 2021. The company will host a virtual booth to demonstrate ASUS high-performance computing (HPC) solutions based on a variety of different platforms, and will spotlight a number of success stories and proofs of concept — from both solution-oriented and hardware perspectives.
ASUS HPC solutions deliver outstanding performance, hold multiple world records
ASUS has built a world-class reputation for its HPC solutions and is committed to delivering ever-improved innovations to satisfy evolving HPC trends in data centers. This is evidenced through ourachievements, company-wide strategies, and sheer performance of our products.
For example, ASUS secured a significant HPC achievement by collaborating with multiple partners to build and deploy Taiwania 2. This supercomputer is ranked in the top 20 of the TOP500 list in 2018 and the top 10 of the Green500 list. The company has also put significant effort into the effective integration of corporate resources across its many different business groups — resulting in the delivery of best-in-class performance in less than a year. ASUS has also expanded its experience of HPC solutions worldwide across diverse applications, including semiconductors, electronic design automation (EDA), surveillance and telecoms. ASUS continues to provide top-tier performance.
In terms of performance, ASUS 2P and 1P Intel and AMD servers continue to achieve top speed rankings, with over 1,009 world records based on SPEC CPU 2017 benchmarks on ASUS also offers servers that are focused on more efficient energy consumption, and these have achieved the No. 1 ranking in the SPECpower green-computing benchmark on both Windows and Linux, thanks to ASUS-exclusive energy-saving technology. Our core goals are to achieve the best server performance and agility by tuning our servers to best fit real-world applications.
ASUS also recently released the RS720Q-E10 series, our latest high-density server fueled by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This 2U4N server features dual high-performance processors for each node and PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 and OCP 3.0 technologies, plus it is designed for liquid-cooling solutions to enable the dissipation of the high heat levels generated by data centers. It enhances data center security by integrating PFR FPGA as the platform root-of-trust solution for firmware resiliency to prevent hackers from gaining access to infrastructure.
In addition, ASUS offers world-class GPU servers for diverse HPC and AI applications. These include both PCIe GPU servers and models featuring the NVIDIA HGX A100 platform. The PCIe GPU offerings include the AMD-based ESC8000A and ESC4000A series, and the Intel-based ESC8000 and ESC4000 series, which support up to eight dual-slot GPUs. The NVIDIA HGX A100-based ESC NA4-E11 model is designed to efficiently accelerate large, complex AI workloads and HPC applications.


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