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Linux Foundation Announces New Online Training Course


The Linux Foundation and Continuous Delivery Foundation announced to have partnered in creating “Implementing DevSecOps” online training course that explores implementing DevSecOps practices into the software delivery pipeline using open source software.

The course is said to have designed for software developers, site reliability engineers, and DevOps practitioners looking to speed up delivery of more secure code. The new training course and KCNA certification are intended to prepare candidates to work with cloud native technologies and pursue further CNCF credentials.

According to LF, security breaches continue to rise as software and technology infrastructure attacks become more commonplace. It is more important than ever that security considerations be taken into account when developing software. And with 88% of software professionals reporting in the 2021 Open Source Jobs Report that they use DevOps practices in their work, it is essential that teams take an integrated approach that combines DevOps and security.

DevSecOps practices are an extension to standard DevOps practices, focusing on automating security and incorporating it as part of the process, which includes Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), and observability.

Use of DevSecOps results not only in delivering safer code faster, but also facilitates early feedback to developers, helping them build more reliable software. The course addresses this growing issue, says LF.

LF is offering the course as standalone, or as part of its DevOps Bootcamp program.



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