CNCF Announces Addition Of 18 New Members At Open Source Summit China 2021


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which develops ecosystems for cloud native software, today announced the addition of 18 new Silver members, non-profit organizations, and end user supporters. New members will join ranks with leading technology innovators and end users to contribute to the creation, diffusion, and adoption of cloud native technologies.

Cloud native computing helps organizations to build and run applications with an open source software stack in public, private, and hybrid clouds. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts components of the global technology infrastructure, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy.

As the APAC cloud native community comes together following a year hiatus, adoption of cloud native technology has been increasing rapidly in China over the last several years. According to a latest Cloud Native Survey China 2020, 68% of organizations in the country use containers in production, which is a 39% increase over 2019 and a 240% increase from two years ago. This trend is likely to accelerate as Chinese organizations have been progressively deploying containers in test environments.

“CNCF now has almost 70 member organizations headquartered in China and now hosts 25 projects that were born in China including Dragonfly, KubeEdge, Longhorn, and TiKV,” said Priyanka Sharma, general manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

“We are excited to reconvene virtually with our Chinese community and are thrilled to be announcing 21 new members to join our diverse and innovative #TeamCloudNative.” She adds.

With the addition of these new members, there are now over 160 organizations in the CNCF End User Community. This group regularly meets to share and take relevant feedback on project roadmaps and future projects for CNCF technical leaders to consider.


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