ConsenSys Health and Linux Foundation Public Health To Collaborate On Open Source Software


ConsenSys Health, a company creating decentralized patient centric healthcare networks, and Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH), which builds, secures and sustains open source software for public health authorities, have commenced a collaboration focused on the uniquely complex healthcare needs of United States veterans and their families.

The collaboration includes the creation of an LFPH-hosted Veterans Affairs Steering Committee focusing initially on current and contemplated open source software components to power VICI. Under the leadership of ConsenSys Health and the non-profit Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, the VICI (Veterans Incentivized Coordination and Integration) initiative is convening a consortium of enterprise and public sector stakeholders to focus on the healthcare needs of veterans, their families and caregivers.

LFPH is the premier home for the development of open source software and digital services that serve the world’s public health technology and infrastructure needs. LFPH works with federal agencies, public health authorities, healthcare organizations, technology vendors, academia, industry associations, and the public to ensure their investments into tech meet common needs and have maximum impact, leading to a sustainable and broad commercial ecosystem around shared software and digital services.

ConsenSys Health’s Elevated ComputeTM platform extensively leverages open source software. Elevated Compute will enable VICI to coordinate across the organizational boundaries of VICI members via blockchain, decentralized artificial intelligence, and confidential computing, aiming to optimize delivery of health services for improved outcomes while ensuring veterans have fine-grained control over their health and health-relevant data. Via its Veterans Affairs Steering Committee, LFPH will provide strategic guidance on aligning open source technologies with the requirements of the public health community in its work to better support the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families.

“ConsenSys Health has been a proud member of a number of Linux Foundation organizations for some time and we are building on many open source software assets, such as Hyperledger Besu. We are incredibly excited to partner with LFPH to coordinate and accelerate the VICI initiative’s participation across the Linux Foundation Confidential Computing Consortium, the Hyperledger Foundation, the Open Source Security Foundation, and more,” says Heather Leigh Flannery, ConsenSys Health’s Founder and chief executive officer.

“Those on the frontlines of public health and healthcare understand how imperative timely, actionable data is to the success of their operations and the pursuit of community wellness. Our collaboration with LFPH will help benchmark privacy and dignity-preserving open source software that facilitate health equity for veterans, their families, and communities,” says Pierre Vigilance, MD, MPH, vice president of Population Health and Social Impact at ConsenSys Health.

“As a veteran, and someone who has worked in support of veterans, I’m honored that Linux Foundation has the opportunity to collaborate with this project,” says Jim St. Clair, Executive Director, Linux Foundation Public Health. “The VA has a long and successful history pioneering open source in healthcare and we’re excited to have the chance to build upon that to address the new dynamics of care for fellow veterans.”

“ConsenSys Health uses open source as foundational components in its platform and products to tap into thriving global communities of contributors. These contributors provide the spark of innovation that future standards and capabilities are built upon,” notes Chris Madison, Technical Director for VICI and Chief Information Security Officer at ConsenSys Health. “As a veteran myself, it is an honor to support my peers, and I thank the open source community for providing decentralized technology innovation to help make VICI a reality.”



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